Diabetes, when uncontrolled, is no impediment for patients wanting dental implants says the latest research from the University of Texas.

Worries about patients with chronic diatetes at high risk of dental implant failure unfounded says new research.

Diabetes has a number of knock-on effects on the body including bone formation, the length of time it takes for wounds to heal and susceptibility to infection. Because of these problems implants are not often recommended for patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

When an implant is placed into the jaw there is a period of 4-6 months whilst it knits with the bone before loading with the post and crown. Previous studies have concentrated on healing and mobility of the implant soon after placement, however if restoration of the tooth is delayed for 8 months implant failure is no higher than for patients with no diabetes.

For those patients with a condition that is difficult to control they now have one more option when it comes to their dental care.

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