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  • Dear Dr. Sidi,
    I just have to write to you following my surgery yesterday: As someone who is personally very involved in attaining always a high level of performance, this is exactly what I experienced in your surgery yesterday.
    The professionalism, the synchronisation, the teamwork, the preparation: and the ultimate feeling that I was in the best of hands, I respectfully congratulate you upon .
    I think we are never beyond giving praise and appreciation to those who perform to this standard of excellence….so please accept this from me.
    I look forward to seeing you on Feb 18th,
  • As a long standing client of Dr Sidi's practice I would like to highly commend the excellent skills of Dr Sidi and his team, in particular my wonderful hygienist Glenda. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise combined with her first class skills, never fail to impress. Glenda is a true professional and highly dedicated to her work. She is a delightful person and her commitment and dedication are exemplary. Glenda, I salute you for your exceptional work, kind and caring nature. Glenda is an absolute credit to Dr Sidi's practice - her work is meticulous.
    No testimonial would be complete without mention of the star of the practice, Margaret. Margaret is a real gem. She is a superb reception manager. I have known her for many years. She is always helpful, knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to see her and be in her company. 
    I do not hesitate in recommending Dr Sidi's practice. Dr Sidi and his team are outstanding. Dr Sidi is undoubtedly the leading Periodontist in London. He is a true perfectionist and a leader in his field.
    Marilyn Field
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    I cracked my tooth and its was unrepairable, so I went to see Dr Sidi and he prescribed an implant,  which he proceeded to do⦠without pain and did an excellent job. I now have a perfect smile.
    Soren Agerholm
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    We have worked together for the last 30 years. I think that speaks volumes. He is very meticulous about everything he does and the patients always come back happy. He discusses everything that is going to occur before and during treatment.
    Dr David Kaplan
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    Over the years he has looked after many of our patients. I refer to him for all our periodontal & gum problems. Recently I have been sending him patients for implant surgery. The outcomes are great. â¨I can thoroughly recommend Dr Alan Sidi and I am happy to consider him part of our team
    Dr Joanna Gallop
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    Weâre been referring patients to Dr Alan Sidi for over 25 years as a specialist Periodontist and as an implant specialist. I would recommend him to other dentists and practitioners without reservation
    Dr Adam Sapera
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    I came to this patience 10 years ago. Dr Alan gave me a Gum Graft which is a very specialist thing. Then I came to see the lovely Glenda who actually taught me Iâd been cleaning my teeth wrong for the last 40 years. Which came as a surprise!  Coming into this practice is truly a revelation, everyone is very warm and friendly. You really feel it. Very professional. You really feel like youâre getting the best treatment possible.
    Jo Sneig
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    My name is Dr Issy Mahmood. I realised very quickly we share the same outlook with regards to patient careâ¦they have a very patient focused practice. It is absolutely vital. Since 2001 he has seen at least 50 of my patients, right from the beginning to the very end. Iâm pleased to say they have all been very happy & pleased with the treatment they have received. He has a very good bedside manner. He is gentle. He fills most patients with confidence once theyâve met himâ¦â
    Dr Issy Mahmood
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    Our patients received excellent care from Dr Alan Sidi. He communicates very well with both Patients and with the referring Dentists alike and always refers patients back when he has completed the  treatment. He is a very gentle surgeon and our patients come back with very few post-operative problems. I can completely and whole heartedly recommend him. 
    Dr Quentin McCoach
  • Dear Alan,
    My implants are now complete and in use. They are truly great and much appreciated. Some 18 years in abstencia and some 18 months in gestation and now 18 days in use.
    They are great!!!
    Harry K
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    Iâve been coming to Dr Alan Sidi for many years. I used to have Gum Problems - I donât anymore. â¨I came to him for an Implant - It was absolutely painless, being in his hands was a treat. I highly recommend Dr Alan Sidi
    Libby Morris

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