Sinus Augmentation

If you have too little bone at the back of the upper jaw sinus augmentation can solve the problem. Sinus Augmentation makes it possible to increase the amount of bone and place implants.

Sinus Augmentation

We have carried thousands of bone augmentation procedures over the past 25 years resulting in many happy patients able to have their implants.

Sinus Augmentation

The purpose of this procedure is to increase the amount of bone available at the back of the upper jaw. The sinuses occupy much of the space in this region and the aim of this surgery is to place a graft below the sinus lining to create a greater quantity of bone at the sinus floor.

The graft material is usually a Bovine Extract (Bio-Oss). This procedure is carried out in the dental chair with local anaesthetic. The graft is allowed to heal for a period of nine to twelve months. During this period the graft is replaced by new bone and once it has healed dental implants can then be placed.
Some surgeons use bone harvested from the patients' hip or jaw for this procedure. However, we have found that dental implants placed in the Bovine extract following healing have the same success rates as dental implants placed in non-grafted bone.

The use of the Bovine Extract means that there is no need for a general anaesthetic or a hospital stay or a second surgical site and allows for a quicker recovery after surgery.
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