Dental Hygiene

A huge amount of research shows that good oral hygiene leads to better oral health and long lasting successful treatment

Our Dental Hygienists

Our dental hygienists have many years of experience in succesfully treating patients with gum disease under the supervision of Dr Alan Sidi.

Treatment at our practice for gum disease means you have a highly experienced hygienist who works with you to help resolove your specific problem.

She will also help with your cleaning techniques tailored to your mouth to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Treatment with the Dental Hygienist for Gum Disease

At your first visit, oral hygiene will be discussed and root planing (deep cleaning) will be started. In summary the treatment involves:
  • 45 minute long appointments
  • oral hygiene reviewed each time and advice given
  • a number of visits until all deposits are removed
  • Dr Sidi to review progress when hygiene treatment finished and any further treatment prescribed
What is Root Planing?

Root planing is a specialised cleaning that involves removing bacterial deposits and smoothing the root surface below the gum where gum disease is progresses.


A surface anaesthetic cream and local anaesthetic (as with a filling) are used for your comfort

It would be helpful for you to bring with you any toothbrush or cleaning aids (except water jet devices) that you are using to your first appointment.

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