Bone Augmentation

Bone augmentation makes it possible to have implants when there is too little bone available

Bone Augmentation
Bone and Gum recession can follow tooth loss making it difficult to place implants and to achieve a good result.

Reconstruct the loss
Bone and gum augmentation can reconstruct much of the loss that follows tooth removal.
This can be carried out either before or at the time of implant placement.
Bone loss at the back of the upper jaw can make it more difficult to place implants because of the presence of the Sinus. Have a look at the Sinus Augmentation section to see how we resolve this problem.

How do we do it?
A bone graft material is placed below the tissues with a collagen membrane to contain it.
Additional gum tissue can be harvested from the palate where it is very thick.
The bone graft material is usually a Bovine Extract (Bio-Oss) although non-animal products are also available.

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