Say 'Hello' to the Tooth Scary!

In the same way as the British think the Americans speak so they can be heard the other side of the world so the Americans think the British all have bad teeth.

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A recent BBC programme - 'The Truth about your Teeth' - saw Dr Chris van Tulleken go on a 'journey' to find out the state of the nation's teeth? What he found was not good news.

Not only are we "scared" of going to the dentist, changes in diet and increases in snacking, especially amongst the younger generation, has seen us in danger of living up to our stereotypical expectations.

So for good measure some 'top tips' for maintenance, courtesy of the Radio Times:

"If you clean your teeth within an hour of eating, you will brush off your enamel. So brush your teeth before you have breakfast and, if you want to ensure that sugar, acid or debris isn't left in your mouth after a meal, simply drink a glass of water or chew sugar-free gum to restore your dental pH levels (pH measures acidity/alkalinity).

• Spend two minutes twice a day on the task (of cleaning your teeth)

• Brush your teeth systematically, working your way from one corner of the mouth to the other, making sure you brush all the surfaces.

• Use just a smear of toothpaste and don't brush too hard. Tickle the teeth and gums - that's all the pressure you need.

• Don't rinse with water at all - just spit out what's left in your mouth. By not rinsing, the fluoride stays in your mouth longer and continues to do its job."

Can we also add that you also carry out inter-dental cleaning with dental floss and brushes please?
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