Mexican implants from the 4th Century

The placements of implants is not a new phenomenon as this recent find in Mexico reveals.

image of Mexican implants from the 4th Century
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"Archaeologists have uncovered the 1,600-year-old skeleton of an upper-class woman displaying snazzy dental work near the mysterious ruined city of Teotihuacan, which is approximately 30 miles north of Mexico City.

The woman had an intentionally deformed skull, being extremely elongated (hey, it was the done thing in her day), and was around 35 years old when she died.

But her most intriguing features related to her dentistry: she had round pyrite stones inserted into her two top front teeth, which would have given her a somewhat glitzy smile, glittering in the Mexican sunlight, and a lower false tooth made of green serpentine. She was clearly a dedicated follower of fashion."

Fortean Times (FT345) October 2016