Braces? Are you brushing with an interspaced Brush?

If you have braces then brushing regularly is the first step to better Oral Hygiene – but have you tried an Interspaced brush yet?

image of Braces? Are you brushing with an interspaced Brush?
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Interspaced Brushes are great if you have braces. They get into all the little gaps and places a conventional brush won’t.
Brushing morning and night is an absolutely fantastic first step to creating better oral hygiene. But the big question if you have Braces is:
Have you tried you tried an Interspace Brush yet?

Watch the video below to learn the correct way and technique to brush your teeth with an Interspace brush and to keep your teeth healthy and to prevent gum disease
Watch this Video to see how use an Interspaced Brush to Brush you teeth effectively

...and for reaching those hard to find places at the back of your teeth a lot of people have stains on the rear side of the teeth so a Interspaced Toothbrush is a fantastic way to reach those hard to reach places – especially around the back.
Watch the following video to discover how to effectively Brush the back of your teeth if you have braces

So there you have it... It’s a great change to make if you wear Braces. It 100% helps to reduce gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath.
Visiting a Dental Hygienist is also an easy and efficient method to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy.
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