Treatment of failing Implants

The main problems around implants come from gum disease. These can be resolved with the right treatment provided it is delivered early enough.

Treatment of failing Implants
The most common cause of implants failing is gum disease, known as peri-implantitis.  This is caused by a build up of plaque bacteria and leads to a loss of bone around the implant area. If this gets too severe, the implant will need to be removed.
Treating Peri-implantitis?
Peri-implantitis can be treated if caught early.

Initially the gum inflammation is treated with cleaning of the implant and advice given in regard to targeting the oral hygiene to the affected areas. Repair of the bone defect can then proceed. This is carried out with a localized surgical procedure to remove all the inflamed tissue and usually to graft the bone defect that has developed around the implant.

Sometimes the crown on the implant is removed and the implant is left buried for 6 months for optimal healing. The same crown is then re-fitted on the implant
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