Bridge vs Implants

Implants offer longer lasting solutions and protect surrounding teeth


A bridge replaces a missing tooth by being supported by a crowned tooth on each side of it.

An implant upports the crowned tooth by inserting a support directly into the bone. Implants save the teeth either side of the gap from being exposed to further damage


  1. Implants save the adjacent teeth
  2. Implants can replace any number of teeth.
  3. Implants can be used to make a denture more stable.
  4. Implants can support bridges if multiple teeth are missing.
  5.  Implants have a good long term prognosis with the right care.
  6.  Implants are not susceptible to tooth decay.
  7. Implants can be fitted in a few months in the right conditions
  8.  Bone or gum can be reconstructed to support implants if necessary.
  9.  It can sometimes be very similar in cost to a bridge 

  1. Implants require a surgical procedure to be fitted.
  2. It can take more time to complete the treatment than a bridge. This is particularly true if there is a bone defect that needs treatment.
  3. It can sometimes be more costly than a bridge.
  4. Implants require expert fitting by a Dental Surgeon.


    1. The missing tooth can be replaced more quickly.
    2. Can be the cheaper treatment option
  1. There is a limit to how many teeth can be reasonably be replaced by a bridge.
  2.  If there are no adjacent teeth to the space bridges cannot be used.
  3.  If the adjacent teeth have no restoration it means cutting them down to crown them.
  4.  Once a tooth is crowned then the prognosis of the tooth is reduced. A proportion of these teeth go on to need root canal treatment in the future.
  5.  When bridges fail it usually means one or two further teeth that used to support the bridge have to be removed making the space even bigger.
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